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So Aubrey just showed up one day and his dressing room was locked and all his stuff was out back in the ally. Since getting the boot from Degrassi Aubrey Graham has become a rapper, the fallback career of all black people in the entertainment business. I don't know how mixtapes are different from albums except they appear to be free.

Drake also has been featured on a bunch of other rapper's albums.

Most of the cast from the original Degrassi became homeless crack addicts or prostitutes without homes.

The cast of Degrassi the Next Generation aren't fairing too well either.

I am an expert on this matter after doing extensive research while watching Furturama.

Let's take a look: Aubrey Graham - Jimmy First off, we need to talk about the hilarious way Aubrey Graham left the show.

The prospects of those who leave Degrassi are low to say the least.Now Spinner still being with the show makes sense since he is in Toronto and dating a girl in high school.I don't have any idea why Emma, Manny, and Liberty are still featured. The actresses must have sucked a lot of dick to stay on the show.It must be fun to be a rapper, they're always appearing on each other's albums and stuff.

Here's an excerpt from a interview You were on Degrassi for eight years. One day we came in and all the names were just changed on the dressing rooms. We go upstairs and it's like, "Who are all these people auditioning in the front? The amount of loyalty, the years we put in with these peoplethey did us foul. Drake is tough, Drake got cred, Drake is totally gangsta, like Drake Bell or Sir Francis Drake.It must have taken a lot to leave that comfort zone. As far as the producers go, I don't talk to anybody over there. Drake hasn't released any albums yet, but he has released three mixtapes.