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True accounts of the mutiny are difficult to separate from folklore, but Badger was either a chief instigator or an enthusiastic participant.She allegedly dressed in male clothing, flogged the ship's captain and led a supply raid on another vessel.

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The opening of the archives gives Kiwis a chance to look both into the country's past, both criminal and colonial, as well as their own family tree.Ancestry has gone through its archive material to compile a top 10 list of the most colourful characters from New Zealand's history: The pistol-wielding British convict was one of the first Pakeha women known to have lived in New Zealand -- a journey made under dubious circumstances.Badger had given birth to a child while interned at the Parramatta Female Factory in New South Wales, and in 1806 had been assigned to be transported to Hobart aboard the ship 'Venus'.While the vessel was at port in Tasmania, the convicts mutinied and took control of the ship.

The mutineers sailed across the Tasman, where Badger and her child were set down in the Bay of Islands and became accepted, or at least tolerated, by the local Maori community.

Cannibal Jack is believed to be Hokianga's first white settler.