Degrassi actors dating in real life

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Now it is hard to imagine these days that a teenage girl’s fantasy would be to become a Playboy Playmate, but back in the 1960’s was the guide to the sophisticated male and the girls inside were more titillating then sexual.They were beautiful, wholesome, almost chaste and the image of what the modern woman was supposed to be.” guys John La Zar and Harrison Page, has been highlights of my career.To add the last of the three leading ladies for a PCA feature interview would have been both an unique accomplishment, as well as a major thrill for me.In the days since Hugh Hefner’s announcement, news of Cynthia’s death has been tragically overlooked by most media sources, and no word of the cause of her death has been officially made.

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We’d love to bring all three of The Carrie Nations together again at PCA!Originally from Toledo, Ohio, Cynthia Myers’ dreamed about being in as early as age fifteen and first wrote the magazine with a modeling photo of her in a bikini at sixteen.Having come to the conclusion that her body and natural good looks was her greatest asset, the lonely girl had been receiving attention for her figure since she was thirteen years old.Due to her young age, Poser’s photos could not be released until Cynthia turned eighteen, but in December 1968 men around the world got a memorable Christmas gift from Hugh Hefner and .

To say that his camera loved her would be an understatement.Cynthia Meyers was the image of Snow White, but instead of singing with dwarfs she was doing an erotic pictorial.