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30-May-2015 22:07

Meanwhile, I smiled, said nothing, and thought, Lady, if you knew we drove here in my hybrid you’d have me burned at the stake. ” (Funny, they were never as worried about the heroin addicts or that one guy who’d seen the inside of Folsom.)Some friends of mine even disinvited us to a dinner party when they found out what Jimmy did for a living. Not only because they made an awesome artichoke risotto, but because they missed talking to him.

Did I imagine it or had her eyes hardened as she looked at us?

“That’s what happens when our Republican men hook up with liberal women.”Jimmy immediately became very interested in lighting another cigarette.

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Bob.” His father is pastor of an Evangelical church, a man who watches a defective television set built with only one channel. For someone like me, whose earliest memories are of a home with pictures of the pope and JFK hanging side by side on the wall, whose mother was known to say “God is not only Irish but a Democrat,” who comes from a family of self-described “Blue-bellied Yankees,” falling for a West Virginia-bred Republican was like admitting I love Darth Vader. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, then I was determined to get sane. I took one look at the tattooed arms, the flinty, Steve Mc Queen-like stare, the sardonic twist of his smile, and somehow I knew that he would smell of hickory smoke and Old Spice, and that the scruff of his 5 o’clock shadow would sometimes rub a rash on my pale skin.I yelled over my shoulder, “Mom, check this one out!