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13-Jan-2016 10:29

Telling: “I really enjoy reading, especially science fiction.” (Tells us a little something) Showing: “I’m an avid reader.I don’t own a television and will devour an entire book in a few days.Telling: “My friends and family mean a lot to me.” (Most people feel this way) Showing: “I come from a big family.

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Think Joey from .” (Funny and descriptive, this gives us a better idea of who this person is) 2. Show, Don’t Tell One fundamental of good writing is “show, don’t tell.” For example, if you’re writing a story about an extremely talkative character, instead of stating how talkative he is, you could show him conversing with other characters and using long, descriptive dialogue where he barely draws a breath. The same goes for your online dating profile – instead of describing your traits, show us who you are by talking about the things that matter most to you. Telling: “I love to eat.” (Boring) Showing: “I’m not picky about food and will eat anything from a burger and fries to raw fish with seaweed.) Showing: “I observe Shabbat every week.” or “Call me old-fashioned, but my dream is to stay at home and raise a bunch of happy kids, just like my mom did.” (These show old-fashioned or traditional values) 3.Telling: “I love to travel.” (Generic) Showing: “I spent a month backpacking in Costa Rica last year.” or “I take a Caribbean cruise every year to fight off the winter doldrums.” (Interesting, and each shows us something different) 4.

I own a huge library of books (I’ll never buy an e-reader) and am a big fan of Harlan Ellison and Connie Willis.” (Shows us much more) In other words, try to avoid describing yourself and focus more on talking about your life, interests, and passions.

This is much more exciting to read and tells people so much more about you!