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If your serial number/registration key/activation code has been lost, there is a quick and easy way to get it back.

To determine if your Ad-Aware Enterprise Server can download the Definition File: * Click the "Check Ad-Aware Definition File" button.

If necessary, you can temporarily turn off your firewall, but be sure to turn it on again after you have completed the registration procedure.

For each selected critical object, you can choose to: * Add to Ignore: Add the object to the Ignore List; keep the item on your system and make sure it is not detected in future scans.

Make sure that you have configured your firewall or any other security programs to allow Ad-Aware network access.

In the 'Critical Objects' tab you can either select each object individually by checking the box beside it, or use the selection options in the context menu.

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Under Logon, check "Allow service to interact with desktop", click OK and restart the service and then retry the web-update.The total number of critical objects and privacy objects detected during the scan are listed at the top of each tab.