Designer file not updating visual studio

06-Sep-2015 05:49

That was done by editing the project file like this: Add Just open a web application project and copy from that. The problem was when I started to add User Controls (ascx) and Web Forms pages (aspx) to my “new” project from my old UI project.

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Download ID=27117 The update addresses the following Connect bugs: If you continue to experience these types of issues after applying this fix; please let us know immediately.

For some reason my old designer file got “messed up” and was placed under the file…long story short, it didn´t work and a had to delete it. I started to search for the problem online and got some answers.

Looked like this with missing designer file: When I tried to build the project in VS of course I got build errors like… Apparently you can force VS to generate your designer file by right clicking the aspx/ascx file and choose “Convert To Web Application” And…nothing happened.

After some digging I started to look at the markup which looked like this: See anything strange? I added that back and tried again…and now it worked.

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What also works in some situations is to first delete the designer file (.cs), not the code behind, and the save and close the solution file.As far as preventing the comments I don't think you can.