Devotions for teen couples dating

25-Mar-2016 19:50

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He is currently the Research Professor of Christian Education at Talbot School of Theology.

He's authored of more than 70 books, including the best-sellers Always Daddy’s Girl and Before You Say I Do, and has twice received the Gold Medallion Award.

Maybe it is simply because I have read many resources about Christian marriage, but I did not receive much benefit from this devotional book.

My fiance and I picked up this book, because it is the only one we have seen on the market for engaged or dating couples, rather than married couples. My fiancé and I were interested in having a good reading material that would help us prepare for marriage.

I wish the book were based more on Biblical teaching.

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As a couple just beginning their life together, there will be many things vying for attention, and many critical decisions to be made.

Starting Out Together is a way to stay focused on God's will by a couple's spending time together, prayerfully working through the important personal issues that every Christian couple must address if their relationship is to prosper under the bonds of matrimony in today's secular and distracting world.

Starting Out Together is the beginning of a plan for a lifetime of joy together.

As the pages of this book are turned and the messages thoughtfully examined, they may even find themselves planning for a golden anniversary!

Starting Out Together contains two months' worth of devotionals filled with practical wisdom and sound biblical advice.

Starting Out Together will help couples to become free from the their pasts, communicate with each other, understand themselves and their partner, control anger and resolving conflict, learn to forgive and pray together, and much, much more.