Dg834g not updating dyndns

25-Oct-2016 06:44

dg834g not updating dyndns-78

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:( Dyn DNS should automatically detect the ip address that you are connecting from (165.165.*.*) and will show the ip address in the database and the new one (if different).

I'm not sure why you would want to enter it manually.

This way you would over-ride the automatic update that occurs when you log on to Dyn DNS.

When you click update on the router, it should also show you the ip address that it used to update the Dyn DNS database- something like updated 165.165.*.* OK If you get a reply when pinging your hostname, it should be the current ip address of the router that is returned.

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It apparently has an automatic Dyn update function, which i use. All my login details are right, but i still have to update it manually from their site, my modem doesnt do it for me. It should tell you whether it's updating or why it cannot.

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