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In other words,the money is secondary to the ability to show off one's mastery of words.

As such,it's a fine watch,nothing all-too spectacular.

Also, if the winning team makes a lingo on the first ball in Bonus Lingo, they win a trip, worth about ,000.If they get a lingo using 2 or more balls, they win ,000.Upon watching this show for what I'm presuming the first time,my father observed that the show's payout seemed paltry compared to the amount of brain power invested into the front game and end game.But what my dad didn't care to notice was that this game--produced and ran exclusively through Game Show Network--was created and ran primarily as a variation on the popular but now not-seen NBC daytime game "Scrabble",that a cable produced show doesn't have the prize budget of a show that is run by,say Sony Pictures,and that the whole élan of this show was that the true star of this show(besides host Chuck Woolery or whichever hostess,which happened from about season two on)was the game,a word game that is born out of the same game principles as Bingo(Language or Letters + Bingo= Lingo),and that the ability to master this game is a skill in and to itself.

The object of the game is to try to fool the celebrities into ...

See full summary » Contestants were asked questions about how 100 people answered a poll question then played a card game where they tried to guess whether the next card drawn from a deck in a sequence would be higher or lower.

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