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Can't really tell."Most likely, anyways, to the starter, the Forth wall breaking human, Daniel was honestly quite bored, it's been a while since he's been on a mission or even heard from Tracer and others as such, he sighed, as he started to bounce a ball to a wall, and doing the same again, and again and again and again, boring. I've been told she's rather balanced for a support hero.Any shots fired in or within the bubble to allies disintegrate (think of a combo of Zenyatta and Winstons ultimate) BUT she is vulnerable as she puts full energy and health into the bubble.Support Void Bomb: If Rocket Was Not with a Team It will Heal Him Only If Hes Surrounded by His Team Ir Will Heal Them And Himself3. Ultimate: [Fruitful Life] It creates a small area of healing. Passive: She doesn't walk, she levitates or hovers above the ground.Just before the omnic crisis struck she was left in the care of Overwatch and disappeared from radar. Since they she has been a worthy ally to Reinhardt as like a pocket healer for tanks.

Ability 3/Weapon: One arm that's not healing can shift to a gun and fire if needed for defense. It's not like I'm gonna go anywhere but this city.. Honestly.//Open RPSince my other character was deleted for some reason I'm going to put my baby, my favorite creation of all times up. Name: Bliss [Unknown Last Name]Age: 31Race: Omnic Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Type: Support Health: 200Ability 1: Cloak for Quick Escape Note1: She can't shoot while cloaked Ability 2: Close Range Healing Ray Note2: She has to be literally almost attached to someone to heal and it's from the palm of her hand.

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