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And with the big Museum of the American Revolution right across Chestnut Street finally in sight of a 2017 opening, I can hardly blame co-owners Chris Younge and Jason Dills for embracing a colonial hero (and namesake of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Broadway sensation) to catch the attention of the tourist trade.

Or was that info just garbled by the pounding echo and roar of the loudest room I've sound-measured all year?

The best part was the corn pancake underneath, a nice switch from the usual waffle cushion.

And never mind the irony of naming a bustling new Old City bar and restaurant in honor of the man behind the infamous whiskey tax.

(An ear-pummeling 98 decibels.) Our sweet-natured waitress repeated the same misinformation on our second visit, so I ordered the East Coasters anyway, but the Irish Points from Prince Edward Island were unimpressively puny and flaccid.

I would have liked the char-grilled oysters better if they were anything like the New Orleans bivalves that inspired them.

It was a steady theme at the Little Lion, where the most reliable things were fried, from the crispy green tomatoes with tomatoey bacon jam to the fried goat cheese fritters that were incongruously plopped on top of a pile of deeply roasted carrots and bitter greens but that ultimately gave personality to the dish.The fried chicken is also an easy draw, though it could have been even better with a little more seasoning in the light crust, and a bit more juiciness if it had been fried to order instead of par-cooked.