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You can use Alchemy Mindworks' animation tools to build web banners and other commercial animations that look leading-edge, state-of-the-art and cooler than liquid helium vacationing on Neptune.

This article will walk you through the step-by-step procedures we've used to build a number of the real-world banners at our web pages, and show you how to apply them to yours.

To learn more about these applications, please click on the foregoing links or visit the Alchemy Mindworks home page. Modesty would forbid my mentioning the extensive listing of my books herein if I were at all modest.

The Alchemy Mindworks page also features Pagan Daybook to start your day with whichever god seems appropriate — the painting to your immediate right was drawn from its database of artworks — Presentation Wizard to assist you in creating multimedia Windows presentations, The Ultimate Screen Clock to give you unprecedented mastery over time and space... PLEASE DON'T COPY THIS PAGE The contents of this page are copyright © 1995 — 2016 Alchemy Mindworks.

Some of the graphics at this page were created, managed and enhanced with Graphic Workshop Professional and GIF Construction Set Professional from Alchemy Mindworks.

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