Drake and amanda bynes dating

26-Feb-2016 23:38

Her full cleavage caused some speculation about her possible breast plastic surgery.“It hurts me and it upsets me, because I look at her and talk to her, and we’ll sit down for lunch or dinner, and I’m like ‘Amanda, what is going on?

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After she broke up in 2010 with her latest boyfriend Scott Mescudi, she hasn’t been connected in media to anyone new. Amanda is known for talking badly about her exes in media.

Most recently, she said that Scott Mescudi is ugly and has herpes.

We need some hero, anyone interested in mean spoiled chick?

Check out also boyfriend lists of Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, and Kate Upton. Her first boyfriend was Drake Bell when she was just a teenager.

She needs to get out of retirement, and make us laugh again, because that’s what she’s brilliant at.

Amanda Bynes is brilliant at making us laugh, and that’s what she needs to do.