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30-Sep-2015 20:52

Web virus database is the smallest among all other anti-virus programs. Web own technology of creation of the virus database on the basis of very flexible language specially developed for description of the base. This protection is secured, among other conditions, by adding the virus entries (signatures) to the base allowing to detect viruses.The small size of the base spares costs on the Internet traffic, occupies less space on the hard drive and in main computer memory after the base is downloaded and installed. But the quantity of entries included in the base says nothing about the ability of an av-program to detect viruses.This was the task which faced the developers of the Dr.Web anti-virus and it was successfully solved - till today the Dr.One should also know that the virus database of each anti-virus program has its own structure. Web virus database is less than the number of entries in the virus database of some av-developers, one should understand that not all viruses are unique.There are family of related (similar) viruses, there are viruses designed by special virus constructors- programs for creation of viruses.Please, explain why do you advise to update BEFORE EVERY connection to the Internet, but also write that your perfect heuristic analyzer can detect even the viruses which signatures are not included into the virus databases?! But there should be filled in a proxy address and password. When the traffic cost a lot and the updates should be made as often as possible, the size of the virus database - the time of its downloading from the Internet - should be minimal. In the scanner main window I pressed the “Settings” button. I opened the “Update” pane and wanted to set up the updating procedure. Web anti-virus began in early 90th of the past century, when the Internet was only developing and was not a global network, when only few companies could offer to have access to the WWW.

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