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The fact of the matter is, bisexual people are mostly monogamous, from what I am reading. biphobia is rooted in monogamy and the incorrect belief that bisexual people are compulsive swingers. When bisexuals were asked about their ideal relationships, the most popular ideal relationships involved some form of sexual non-monogamy. Update, May 10, 2014: Elisabeth Sheff posts on her Psychology Today blog: The most reasoned estimate of the number of poly people in the U. comes from Kelly Cookson, an independent Australian academic who looked at a lot of research and then compared the percent of bisexuals in poly research to the percent bisexuals in a national survey to inform his estimate.

it is bisexuality"], some people wrote angrily to say that one does not have to want to be in a plural marriage to be bisexual....

They said that they were bisexual but happy in a committed monogamous relationship.... "Polyamorous women, sexual subjectivity and power." Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 34, 251-283.

Right now, we are seeing an unprecedented leap forward for sexual freedom. Speaking of logic (sigh), for the purposes that argument one could just as well be attracted to "both blondes and brunettes" as to "both men and women," but never mind.

Ought we not take advantage of this moment and try to see the logic of the situation clearly? (I like Angi's take on his argument that she's just put up at The Radical Poly Agenda.) More interestingly: How many bi people actually are poly? A few years ago I rounded up research on this, and later Kelly Cookson of the Poly Researchers list added some annotated bibliography.

In order to do that they must have legal choices that suit who they are. If being lesbian means one wants the right to be partners with women, and being gay means one wants the right to be partners with men, what does being bisexual mean if not that one wants the right to be partners with both sexes? Sometimes it is politically unwise to acknowledge the obvious....

Here's my current condensed version: --------------------------------- 1. There's no question: bisexual people are way more abundant in the poly world than elsewhere.

polyamory, and I am getting the sense that polyamorists may face more discrimination than all of the others combined.... News media keep quoting the 2009 Newsweek estimate of 500,000 poly households the U. But if the crossover percentage in the bi-poly matchup is the same in both directions (whether 40% or anything else), then the number of polys is equal to the number of bisexuals. For instance, if we believe the CDC polling number that 2.6% of 18-to-44-year-olds in the U. say they are bi, that would imply there are 3.1 million U. An estimate based solely on the agreement to allow satellite lovers is around 9.8 million.

In response to a recent column about a bisexual woman who was wondering if she should marry [where Tennis said "If there ever was a rational argument for polyamory and plural marriage.

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I erred in not speaking to enough bisexual people to understand the sensitivity of the issue. When bisexuals were asked about their relationship preferences, the most popular relationship preferences involved some form of sexual non-monogamy. "Bisexual women were quite numerous in polyamorous communities.

But let me state affirmatively what underlies my thinking. "Monogamy and Polyamory: Relationship Issues for Bisexuals." In B. Firestein (Ed.) Bisexuality: The Psychology and Politics of an Invisible Minority (pp. In fact, bisexuality was so common among women in the polyamorous community that they had a standing joke that it allowed them to 'have their Jake and Edith too!

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