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It's the tiny squeak at the end that really makes it.Passing wind and playing with fire Lloyd over-rehearses his admission of undying love for Mary Swanson ("I feel like a schoolboy again, a schoolboy who wants to make sweet, sweet love to you") but unfortunately the words: "Mary, I desperately want to make love to a schoolboy" come tumbling out when he confronts her instead.He then attempts to turn it around by asking Swanson what the chances are of them getting together, to which she says, as diplomatically as possible: "One out of a million." An elated Lloyd replies: "So you're telling me there's a chance?! will have its cinematic opening on November 14, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprising their respective roles of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.So in anticipation, we compiled 13 of the most side-splitting moments from the Farrelly Brothers' motion picture below:"We got no food, we got no job, our pets' heads are falling off!" Cue Lloyd creating one of the most annoying sounds in the world, which turns out to be a little bit like a gargling cockerel.It's then followed by a performance of one of the most annoying, albeit catchy, songs in the world. "While on a ski lift with Mary Swanson, Harry does what we've all been tempted to do, and touches the metal sides with his tongue - which, of course, gets stuck."After dropping his wallet inside a magazine box purchasing the latest edition of 'Slut', Lloyd asks an infirm, elderly woman to keep an eye on his shopping. "Lloyd attempts to play it cool as he watches Mary Swanson walk through the airport and board her plane, declaring "Goodbye my love" in sing-song before driving into the back of another car and setting off his giant airbag. " the policeman demands to the hapless Lloyd and Harry, after suspecting that the pair have been drinking. He takes a big swig before doing, er, that..."Saddle up, partner!

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"Lloyd Christmas almost loses the plot when he returns home to discover that Harry's beloved parakeet Petee has been beheaded.

After lamenting their lack of money, food and a pet with a head, he later Sellotapes Petee's head back on before casually flogging it to young blind Billy.