Dwight ney dating claudia jordan

10-Sep-2016 11:51

And now, Jordan has a comment for Leakes’ behavior. It won’t work if you refuse 2 accept ANY responsibility.especially when the common denominator is YOU Nene,” Claudia Jordan tweeted on Sunday as the episode was airing, adding, “I will say that most of us really and truly tried to be open minded and bite our tongues for the greater good of the group. ” Of course, Leakes and Jordan haven’t been getting along.The “Blame It” singer was joined by his lady love and a slew of other famous faces including Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson.star Claudia Jordan may have been on the show for a single season, but she is learning that the women will do just about anything to make a point.The radio personality reality star, 43, appeared on the Monday, June 20, edition of the podcast, "Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss,” where she denied that she and Foxx, 48, were once an item, but admitted that her “good friend” is indeed courting Holmes, 37.

Even though Claudia had actually known Kordell Stewart before he met and married Porsha Williams, Jordan was accused of trying to date Kordell simply to anger Porsha.Claudia Jordan is now revealing that nothing went down with Kordell even though he was flirting with her during Peter Thomas’ opening party for Sports One.