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Miraculously uninjured, he confronts Candace, only to fall instantly in love with her.A year later, Stretch is inspired to give up his addictions to cocaine and gambling.Stretch is a 2014 American comedy crime film written and directed by Joe Carnahan.The film stars Patrick Wilson, Ed Helms, an uncredited Chris Pine, James Badge Dale, Brooklyn Decker, and Jessica Alba.At the same time, Stretch begins hallucinating the bitter ghost of another failed actor and limo driver named Karl, who committed suicide in front of a customer.His boss, Naseem, calls him to his office and tells him that their chief competitor, a mysterious man known only as The Jovi, has been stealing their clients.As Stretch considers proposing to her, Candace abruptly tells him that she wants to break up.Hurt by the sudden rejection, Stretch's life spirals into self-destruction and failure, which he blames on Candace.

A failed actor, he works in Los Angeles as a limo driver.Though he has quit gambling, he retains a 00 debt to Ignacio, who demands the debt be paid by midnight.