Elephant journal dating a yoga goddess

29-Oct-2016 13:49

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A crime when wooing us unsuspecting, loving, hopefully, open-hearted souls.

Recently someone with inauthentic motivations attempted to use such hip new age speak on me thinking I did not have the ability to read his energy.

It is universal karma if you find yourself on a date with a person you are not attracted to, and it is unlikely to have a desirable outcome for both parties.

Say, for example, you have been holding out dating to meet the “right one,” you are bored, you are doing the online dating thing (completely admirable) or you believe you are hanging out with friends and find yourself left alone with a person who pounces.

Due to the alternative lifestyles many of us soul-seekers live—off-grid, away from societal standards, often in gypsy mode, matters of intuition and heart winning over mind-matters—a list of Spiritual Dating Do’s and Don’ts is awfully useful to bounce off one another. We, spiritually in-tune folks require connection in many levels beyond physical: intellectual, energetic, soul, past life and beyond.

If you are a fully conscious being, you know when your energy is to another persons, reasons inexplicable to anyone but you.

Awesome notions if they embody a genuine, heart-felt, soulful connection we have longed for.

Not so much if the one talking lacks center, confidence, connection and self-awareness. Tune in to your intuition, energy and gut when the Spiritual Speak commences.

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We cannot be attracted to every single person we meet and depending on beliefs you will end up dating only one partner. Have you noticed that “new age girls and guys’ spiritual speak” is becoming exceptionally suave?Meanwhile you both live in a community of a few hundred people on a small set of three beaches where you see everyone. Lesson #2 Listen to your intuition, it is always right.

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