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*****IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM JENNIFER GABRIEL ON 11/4/2015***** Please read my blog post about scams, bullying, forced prostitution, mandatory plastic surgery, colorism, racism and more in the Kpop industry BEFORE commenting on this blog post.Many of you are young and unaware of the dark side and dangers ANY entertainment industry holds, let alone South Korea’s.***** Every time you purchase a Kpop CD, it comes with instructions that tell you how to audition for the company that you bought it from. So, I’m going to translate the most recent set of instructions that I got right here– the ones from SM.ONLY because I just want you all to know how much I care about each and everyone of you and your dreams.But, I get so many emails about HOW to do it all that I feel like a lot of people are JUST dreaming and could use some direction when it comes to making their dreams come true.Like a certain famous football player, I’m “just about that action.” So, start preparing, planning and putting your talent (if you REALLY have it– and let’s be real) to good use.Be safe: Don’t ignore these problems, but do think of ways to avoid them AND deal with them.Finally, I have some good news today, too: Kpop has it’s first black girl as Alexandra Reid has joined DR Music’s girl group RANIA!

Yes, you need a visa to live and work in South Korea!

Because you are not Korean and may not speak Korean, you are more susceptible to falling victim to these serious problems in South Korea’s entertainment industry!

And, a Top 3 or even Top 10 company is often impossible to get into, even for Koreans!

Oh, and parents and friends are the last thing you should let get in your way.

I’m happy to help you– to translate for you and offer you real-world advice and realistic encouragement, in any way I can!

As for YG and Big Hit, I’ll just point you in the right direction. Now, I’ve warned you about the dark side of Kpop and wished you the best if your dream is to become a Kpop star.