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To maximize the productivity of your meetings and your team, follow these six simple rules for hosting better virtual meetings.Conducting a meeting “just because it’s on the calendar” is a surefire way to waste people’s already scarce time.If there is no expectation for interaction among team members to solve a problem or make a decision you should consider using shared sites or email to get people the information the need.If you do decide a virtual meeting is necessary, to make it as productive as possible, outline what will happen before, during and after the meeting.Virtual meetings are an essential way for geographically dispersed teams to connect and accomplish tasks.However, virtual leaders sometimes conduct an ineffective meeting or host them for the wrong reasons.When inviting attendees, be sure to include a brief note about why they have be asked to attend.These types of meetings are often conducted without an agenda or clear objectives.

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Employees report they spend more time preparing for a status update call than the time they are on the call.

More importantly, 60 percent of managers report they multi-task during status update calls.