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Brighter yet are the colors of the region's llama and alpaca wool textiles, often sold at local markets Between deep furrows created by the Green and Colorado Rivers over time rise huge mesas, narrow pillars, rock arches, and the lonely upright remnants of long-fallen canyon walls. I saw this listed in a Bangkok gym as tip number ten to live a long life, but it struck me as particularly poignant as I was thinking about my trip during my last run on the beach in Thailand before going back to LA.Tsingys are karstic plateaus in which groundwater has undercut the elevated uplands and has gouged caverns and fissures into the limestone Pantaneiros ('cowboys') herd cattle in the Pantanal - an immense tropical wetlands located mainly in western Brazil's Mato Grosso do Sul state.Renowned for its wildlife, it is home to hundreds of species of birds, along with fauna like jaguars, caimans and capybaras In the Jujuy desert in Argentina, the hues and textures of the rolling landscape are phenomena of geology and the elements.What does it do to your sense of self when someone reveals your brilliance by showing you how you are smart?You hold your head higher and feel more confident in your abilities.

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January is the perfect time for focusing on making real change in our wealth, family, and career.

Health too, but for so many people, that resolve only lasts about two weeks! Heres the most common question Im getting: How do I earn more money?

The mesmerising shots include sixth century steps carved into a rock 714ft above sea level in Ireland, tire tracks crisscrossing the vast expanses of sand and dunes in the Namib Desert, cowboys riding in Brazil's tropical wetlands and Argentinian market stalls laden with the colors of the region's llama and alpaca wool textiles.

The breathtaking Skellig Islands lie eight miles off the coast of County Kerry, Ireland.

The most magnificent of the islands is Skellig Michael, which towers 714ft above sea level.

Six hundred and eighteen steep steps remain of those the sixth century Christian monks once carved up to a remarkably well preserved monastic settlement Massive, jagged rocks seem to defy the laws of gravity at Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park in Madagascar.