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Next you add other items including scooping materials such as spoons, measuring cups, etc for scooping and pouring. Only put in what you are comfortable with your child handling.Young children learn about their world by exploring and experimenting using their senses.By observing a young toddler exploring their environment you will see this in action.Sensory bins are a great way for children to learn using all 5 senses at once.Child development theorist Jean Piaget described the way children learn by calling them “little scientists“.Through sensory play and sensory bins children are using the scientific method and are also building pre-math skills, fine motor skills, language skills, imaginative play, and much much more.Not only that but sensory bins are so visually appealing and fun!I am sure you have seen sensory bin and sensory play ideas floating around on Pinterest.

I use one similar to this clear plastic container, that is a 6 pack and you only need one.

Next, you must decide on the theme of your bin and gather your supplies You don’t have to have a theme but making themed sensory bins can be a lot of fun. Most sensory bins have a base which is usually made with rice or another sensory material. Sensory bins are supposed to be a closely supervised activity.

For more reading Not Just Cute shares the Importance of Sensory Play for Young Children.

To create a sensory bin you must first have a container to put you sensory materials in.

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They look at, touch, smell, and taste just about anything they come in contact with- this is how they learn.When their senses are stimulated, messages are sent to their brain which builds neural pathways that are needed for future learning.