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27-Jan-2016 21:39

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Friends Clarence Singleton and Madi Meadows, both 28, came up with the arty idea while at Brighton University.

"We were discussing communicating through visual means and thought it would be interesting to apply this to something that relied heavily on the spoken word, like dating," says the aptly named Singleton.

The evening culminates in a sing-off for matched "couples".

Dating expert Matthew Hussey believes this trend for quirkier dating will keep growing in the capital.

Doodle Date is one of the most artistic, involving pencils and paper.

The concept started in Brighton and, thanks to its popularity, organisers are about bring the monthly event to London.

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The idea uses a similar format to speed-dating but instead of sitting through an awkward three-minute interview, you use drawing to get to know each other.

Equipped with coloured pencils, Doodledaters get seven minutes to create a picture together, chat and flirt before scoring a potential match.

"We organised a trial run for friends and it took off.

Doodling is a fantastic icebreaker, it helps avoid awkward silences.

It can be hard to meet your soul mate, especially in London, and this is a more relaxed and fun way of doing it." But if drawing isn't your thing, your singing might impress a future partner instead.

Speed Dueting offers karaoke where teams of girls and boys sing for each other, making a note of anyone they fancy.

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