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01-Nov-2014 01:27

What I admire most about this woman is that she never stopped improving herself.She went on to learn several languages, and she even sang in different languages as well!This woman had the smarts and the courage to leave the US in the height of all the racial politics that was going on in America. In the 1920s, she left the US and headed off to France.She was never accepted by the US and she was often criticised by the Americans for her work, particularly her singing. Of course by that time, there were many African American entertainers flocking to European shores in search of success and fortune, most of them being African American men.Josephine Baker did a few movies in France, here in this scene the Mammy role is reversed, something that would never have happened in the US where black women were almost never be seen as beautiful and desirable.Josephine Baker was loved and adored by the French and she enjoyed great success in her career. In her film Zou Zou, she made history for being the first African American woman to star in a leading role in a film.

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In Europe, although the black woman is exoticise, she is rarely ever reduced to a subordinate state like they are in the US.

When I think of how much my American sisters can benefit from traveling to different countries, I automatically think of one woman.

Traveling is highly beneficial to the black woman, particularly those who reside in the US.

Even if a black woman is successful and has an active social life, nothing comes close to the wonderful experiences that travel has to offer.

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I know of a lot of black women who traveled abroad and decided to stay and live a rich fulfilling life in a foreign country where they were accept and at times treated like royalty.

I have traveled extensively and I have to say that western Europe is by far my favourite region to visit.

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