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With this in mind, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get to some of the more insightful questions on my list (“What’s the one thing about your career you regret? ” being another), but during our phone interview, Avril proved more than up to the task, readily talking about her album, her career, rock critics, the key to writing good songs, and much more.

She’s not “Complicated” anymore—she’s having the time of her life.

It’s just so different in style from your songs—even from Under My Skin … a perfect moment of bliss and happiness and holding onto it. The song is always so beautiful to me, and I actually just listened to it yesterday ‘cos I hadn’t heard my CD for awhile and I wanted to flip through ‘em—thinking about my live show—so I listened to it and I was like fuck!

I love that song too because it’s so stripped down that you really hear my voice, and it comes across very singer-songwriter-y, which is of course a side to me that I have. You know, I’ve read a lot of [your] interviews leading up to this, and you talked about how you wanted to create this fun, visceral, “live” album—yet at the same time, you’re not starting on the big tour until 2008, right? So what are you going to with your downtime before that Well it’s not downtime.

+ + + Well first, let me say congratulations on the new album and the Blender issue that just hit stands. Now, I’ve been listening to it a lot over the past week and it’s been really fascinating just learning about it.

Your favorite song is obviously “I Can Do Better”, and it’s pretty awesome. I know you set out to make this live, high-energy album, but there’s one song the really affected me which is [the ballad] “Innocence”, the one you wrote with Evan [Taubenfeld, her long-time friend and guitarist]. Well, the song is about capturing a moment in time, of like ...

Lavigne, a Canadian native, still manages to be one of the most polarizing forces in pop music today.

Critics scoff at the authenticity of her “punk” image while thousands upon thousands of teenage girls look up to her as a genuine role model.

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With The Best Damn Thing, Avril wound up not only taking her image into her hands, but also her music as well: she refused to work with an A&R guy, denied input from her manager, and refused to let her label listen to the tracks until she was done with the album, calling up friends and calling in favors to make the album she’s always wanted to make.Her work ethos is hard to top, as she is on a non-stop international promotion effort until year’s end, right before launching a major American tour in 2008.