Event viewer application log not updating

09-Nov-2014 13:51

Most people will open it from the Control Panel, but we also wanted to show other places it’s accessible from.Event Viewer in Windows Server 2012 has an intuitive user interface. This menu in the left pane is where you can choose what event log you want to view.We’ll start by showing you how to access it and what features are available.In Windows Server 2012, the Event Viewer is accessible from a number of places.The logs use a structured data format, making them easy to search for and analyze.Additionally, some applications write to log files, for example IIS access logs, in text format.Based on what type of events you are interested in or what source of event is important to you, you can also create custom views in the navigation pane. In the top half of the detail pane, event entries are listed in chronological order with the latest events listed near the top.The main screen of the Event Viewer is divided into three parts: the navigation menu, the detail pane, and the action pane. By default, Windows Event Logs are divided into five parts: The figure below shows the Event Viewer navigation pane.

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dating for two months

Logs are records of events that happen in your computer, either by a person or by a running process.They help you track what happened and troubleshoot problems.