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14-Dec-2015 20:47

The majority of people don’t understand every facet about them – and that can lead to trouble.There are a lot of misconceptions about student loans.A lot of people hate them, a lot of people need them.Are people borrowing this money from public or private schools? The most recent reports indicate there is: If those numbers weren’t stunning enough, here’s a closer look at how students accumulate debt based on the type of school they attend.

What are you doing to pay off your debt and ensure you aren’t another statistic? The offers or advertisements that appear on Student Loan Hero’s website or blog are from third party advertisers that Student Loan Hero regularly works with, such as lenders, banks, mortgage brokers, and other financial services companies.

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In fact, the average Class of 2016 graduate has in student loan debt, up six percent from last year.

But how does this break down at a more granular level? Are more grads utilizing private student loan consolidation and refinancing? First, let’s start with a general picture of the student loan debt landscape.

“I started Student Loan Hero in 2012 because you shouldn't need a finance degree to understand your student loans.

Since then, we've been lucky enough to help over 100,000 people better understand and eliminate over billion dollars of student loan debt!

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