Failed when validating user through authentication service

12-Aug-2016 16:01

To properly implement the practical steps found in this guide, the reader should be comfortable with the use command-line applications, using the Bourne Again SHell (bash) environment, and editing system configuration files with their preferred text editor application.While previous familiarity with Open LDAP or Kerberos is not required for this guide, the reader is advised to pursue further learning from the resources listed in the Resources section to broaden their understanding of the technologies involved in SSO.The Security section of the Open LDAPServer describes how to configure authentication to Open LDAP via Kerberos in detail.The Kerberos wiki page also contains information on installing and troubleshooting Kerberos/SASL integration. In small environments with minimal security requirements, it may be convenient to allow any user on the network to obtain account information anonymously.

LDAP can provide access to directory type information such as an address book for your email client, or a list of users and groups that have access to services on your network.This guide uses the Open LDAP package for the account management function of SSO.