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21-Jan-2016 09:38

Plug the cables into the right slots, prop the camera in the optimum spot and use the remote to follow the prompts on the screen.The catch is that it has to be super easy to set up and even easier to use regularly.In theory, the set up is super simple: You take the device, remote, AC adapter and HDMI cable out of the box.

You use the small remote to set it up and connect to your Wi-Fi, and that's about it.No computer needed.(If you want to get fancy and watch TV while chatting with someone over the Wi-Fi, you can loop it through your cable box via HDMI as well.)In addition to being able to connect with other Biscotti users, it plays nicely with Google Talk.For many of us with families spread across the country and the world, video chatting has become a staple of our relationships.But gathering around a small Web camera and squinting at a small screen kind of kills the vibe a bit. The aptly named 9 camera system is an unintimidating 720p HD camera with wide-angle lens that connects via HDMI cable to your big-screen HDTV.

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This means you can bring mobile video chat to the TV so far-away connections can feel like they're also at your board meeting, graduation, etc.

As I mentioned before, my family is a bit spread out, so we have almost entire relationships over phone and video calls.