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Erin Blake (The Folger Library) Costica Bradatan (University of Durham) David A.

Brewer (Ohio State University) Antoine Capet (Université de Rouen) Dick Claésson (Göteborg University) Kevin Cope (Louisiana State University) Kay Easson (University of Memphis) Ellen Fernandez-Sacco (University of California-Berkeley) Bernadette Fort (Northwestern University) Amy Haley (Independent Scholar) Desmond Hosford (CUNY) Millie Jackson (Grand Valley State University) Maris S. The Pedagogue's Post: Early Women Writers: A Course Description and Rationale." East-Central Intelligencer, N.

Furthermore, the compiler abjectly apologizes to contributors whose offerings have not for this reason appeared in Selected Readings. Their names are listed each issue up on the masthead (i.e., at the very top of the page). "Research Resources in Trinity College Dublin." East-Central Intelligencer, N.

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the accuracy of these entries cannot be guaranteed -- ah, we ask, what is certain in this vicissitudinous world? -- and, indeed, in the case of the entries in this bibliographical project, titles and pagination have not always been verified; words may be omitted, added, translated, or (quel chagrin) even mistranslated); repetitions may occur, and, furthermore, repetitions may occur; thus, redundancy may also be unavoidable, so readers of Selected Readings should be prepared to encounter unavoidable redundancy and repeated material; Selected Readings is usually published on or about the 15th of the month; it may appear a few days or weeks late or even a few days early, depending upon the mood and schedule of the editor -- "few" shall here be construed as a relative term -- and SR may be delayed a month or sometimes even more during periods in which the editor is beset, melancholy, preoccupied, ill, travelling, sulking, or over-committed; Because the sporadic thoroughness and strength of focus on certain areas of this interdisciplinary bibliography depends on the voluntary contributions of scholars in those particular fields, nothing in the presence or absence of material pertaining to any category of study and interest should be construed as establishing favouritism, canonicity, special interests, partisan ideological disciplinary silencing or validation; Crossposting Selected Readings is encouraged; however, if you do crosspost, please remember to acknowledge its source prominently, and if cuts in the text have been made, be sure to indicate that you are posting a truncated version. "Indices for American Periodicals." East-Central Intelligencer, N. Rawson (Worcester State College) John Renjilian (Independent Scholar) Elaine Riehm (Mc Master University) James Schmidt (Boston University) Mark Spencer (University of Western Ontario) Giovanna Summerfield (University of Florida) Verena Winiwarter (Vienna University, Austria) Servanne Woodward (University of Western Ontario) A. Wright (University of Alabama) Those journals which are currently being monitored by members of the VFD appear in blue. "Research Notes from Fall 1991." East-Central Intelligencer, N. Stewart-Murphy, Charlotte A, "Research Resources for the Eighteenth Century at Mc Master University Library." East-Central Intelligencer, N. Dwyer, "Introduction: A Peculiar Blessing: Social Converse in Scotland from Hutcheson to Burns" (1); S. Purviance, "Intersubjectivity and Sociable Relations in the Philosophy of Francis Hutcheson" (23); J. Smitten, "Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion as Social Discourse" (39); P. Diamond, "Rhetoric and Philosophy in the Social Thought of Thomas Reid" (57); J. Basker, "Scotticisms and the Problem of Social Identity in 18th-Century Britain: Scotch Etymology and Language in Boswell, Hume, and Smollett" (81); J. "Presbyterians and Provincial Society: The Evangelical Enlightenment in the West of Scotland, 1740-1775" (194); K. Other journals listed here are not covered at all or are covered sporadically by the editor, who would appreciate some relief in these efforts. Dwyer, "Enlightened Spectators and Classical Moralists - The Self, Society, and Philosophy - Sympathetic Relations in 19th-Century Scotland" (96); B. Benedict, "Service to the Public - Booksellers and 18th-Century Popular Literature - William Creech and Sentiment for Sale" (119); D. Adam Smith and French Fictions of Sympathy" (147); D.

Humphreys (Redwood Library and Athenaeum) Kathleen Kemmerer (Penn State Hazelton) Walter J.

Kendall III (John Marshall Law School Laura Kennelly (Baldwin-Wallace College) Catherine Labio (Yale University) Jack Lynch (Rutgers University) Claire Mc Guire (Haverford College) Benoît Melançon (Université de Montréal) John E. "Incorporation and Structure: Two Models for Teaching Ethics in Content Courses." East-Central Intelligencer, N.