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28-Apr-2015 13:25

I was excited to see some great conversation happening in the comments of my piece “The Top Three Mistakes Men Make in Online Dating.” Both men and women shared their experiences with online dating and debated over the mistakes and fixes I offered in the piece.Throughout it all, what became most apparent during the discussion is that men didn’t want a “don’t” list.I used to think this was shallow advice, but it all comes down to honesty.He told me it wasn’t that he minded she was overweight; he was upset by the fact that she lied to him.Most people can agree they don’t like scalding hot coffee, but it’s tough to get people to agree on how they do like their coffee.Obviously men do this as well; I’ve just heard this complaint more frequently from men than from women.

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To oversimplify what I mean, let’s take coffee for example.

What they really want is some advice on what instead.

How do you reconcile a trillion different preferences in order to offer men advice on what to do to be successful with online dating?

All I can do is set some parameters and offer my advice based on my own experiences and hope that it helps at least a few guys out there.

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I hesitated to even write this piece because what people like is far more subjective than what people don’t like.

Respect people’s time by not writing any more than you’d be willing to read yourself.

The right person will accept you for who you really are — flaws and all.… continue reading »

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