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The first breed standard (then called a points of excellence list) was issued in 1889 by cat show promoter Weir.

The Persian cat (Persian: گربه ایرانی) is a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle.

In Britain, it is sometimes called the Longhair or Persian Longhair.

The selective breeding carried out by breeders has allowed the development of a wide variety of coat colors, but has also led to the creation of increasingly flat-faced Persians.

Favored by fanciers, this head structure can bring with it a number of health problems.

The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported from Khorasan, Persia (now Iran), into Italy in 1620 by Pietro della Valle, and from Angora (now Ankara), Turkey, into France by Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc at around the same time.

The Khorasan cats were grey coated while those from Angora were white. Recent genetic research indicates that present day Persians are related not to cats from the Near East but to cats from Western Europe.

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It is also known as the Shirazi cat or Iranian cat, particularly in the Middle East.

The first documented ancestors of the Persian were imported into Europe from Iran (Persia) around 1620.

As is the case with the Siamese breed, there have been efforts by some breeders to preserve the older type of cat, the traditional breed, having a more pronounced muzzle, which is more popular with the general public.

Hereditary polycystic kidney disease is prevalent in the breed, affecting almost half the population in some countries.

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The researchers stated, "Even though the early Persian cat may have in fact originated from ancient Persia, the modern Persian cat has lost its phylogeographical signature." The first Persian cat was presented at the first organized cat show, in 1871 in the Crystal Palace in London, England, organized by Harrison Weir.As specimens closer to the later established Persian conformation became the more popular types, attempts were made to differentiate it from the Angora.

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