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30-Aug-2015 10:22

Before you insert your card, pull on the credit card reader to be sure it can't be removed.If you are at an ATM, cover the keypad when you enter your PIN in case there's a hidden camera around.Learn how to protect yourself in cyberspace with these helpful articles and tips.Be wary of "skimmers" on ATMs, gas station pumps, and other machines with credit card readers.Cybercrime, online scams and identity theft are on the rise.Every year millions of Americans fall victim to these crimes, resulting in billions of dollars lost.To avoid gift card fraud, the IC3 recommends that before you buy a gift card from a secondary market Web site, check the site reviews and only buy from or sell to reputable dealers.

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The crook then returns later to remove the skimmer and retrieve the stored information.

Skimming devices are not always noticeable, but they will usually stick out an inch or two from the card reader.