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October 2, 2016, Australian Girl Austarlian Girl Doll gift voucher: Lesleigh Stewart September 29, 2016, Baby Love Baby Love prize pack: Jenny Learmond September 27, 2016, Globber Globber My FREE Up scooter: Ange Fletcher September 24, 2016, Empowering Resources You’re Different Jemima: Judith Plowman, Kerry Green and Belinda Mouk September 22, 2016, The Essential Edible Pharmacy The Essential Edible Pharmacy: Alice Bryant, Anna Torre and Jody Smith September 18, 2016, The Fence The Fence: Marcia Batton September 15, 2016, VTech Baby VTech Baby Prize Pack: Wendy Hatton September 13, 2016, Lego Elves Lego Elves Prize Pack: Charlotte Lowther September 11, 2016, Blue the Builder’s Dog Blue the Builder’s Dog: Lyn Watts, Shannon Wotton and Laura Scriven September 9, 2016, Little Charmers Little Charmers DVD: Amber Boyce, Natalie Murnane and Gary Wood September 6, 2016, A Kids Year A New York Year: Kerry, Mary Preston and Richard Harrison September 4, 2016, Empowering Resources A Secret Safe To Tell: Christy van Heerden, Claire Jay and Kendall Mead September 3, 2016, Elektra Cloud9 Deluxe Nap Mat: Stacey Shailer September 1, 2016, Australian Girl Doll Australian Girl Doll gift voucher: Tina Grace August 30, 2016, A Kids Year A Texas Year: Maree Schmidt, Sarah and Daniella Tassan August 28, 2016, Mad Alice Jewellery Personalised Party Jewels: Shan Tawhi Rickus August 25, 2016, Globber Globber My TOO Fix Up scooter: Charisse Childs August 21, 2016, Wallace & Gromit ‘Wallace & Gromit: The Collection’ DVD: James Moura, Alex Ho and Jill-Anne August 18, 2016, Play School Play School ‘Famous Friends’ CD + DVD: Tess Paraman, Joanna Harrison and Michelle Hunt August 14, 2016, Bright Star Kids Bright Star Kids gift voucher: Carolyn Chua and Carla Morris August 11, 2016, Little Mouse Little Mouse: Jessica Ashbrooke, Adam Mitchell and Scott Crumlin August 6, 2016, Tom & Jerry ‘Tom & Jerry: Back to Oz’: Claire H Simmons, Richard Harrison and Sharon Moura August 4, 2016, Dinoshapes Dinoshapes: Gayle Richardson, Kirsten Wallace, Sam Allen-Stephens, Lauren Ibbotson and Maree Wood August 2, 2016, One Handed Cooks One Handed Cooks: Lauren Pratt July 29, 2016, Jergens Jergens ‘Ultra Healing’ Extra Dry Skin Moisturiser: Anna M, Lynnette Bull, Kathleen Jackson, Madison Ryan and July 26, 2016, African Safari African Safari DVD: Valerie Wee, Elisabetta and Terry Wedding July 22, 2016, Globber Globber My Too 12.5 scooter: Kaleena Kneebone and Sam Allen-Stephens July 19, 2016, Nuts about Nina My Mum Has Depression: Karen Blackshaw, Kell Ballinger and Tracy Lowings July 15, 2016, Avidiva Kic Kee Pants Bamboo Shorts: Jenna Marsh July 12, 2016, Mindfulness for Mothers Mindfulness for Mothers: Tamara Lamb July 8, 2016, Feed Your Brain Feed Your Brain: Shannon Wotton, Sharon Johnson and Angela Hogan July 5, 2016, The Other Christy The Other Christy: Christy van Heerden, Rebecca Haines and Maree Schmidt June 30, 2016, Baby by Sia Baby by Sia Prize Pack: Paula Harris June 28, 2016, Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions: Charlotte Lowther, Teresa Clark and Lee Short June 24, 2016, The Sleep Coach The Sleep Coach consultation: Samantha Wilkinson June 19, 2016, Hoot Hoot Go ‘Hoot Hoot Go: Owl Pals’ DVD: Renee Franklin, James Pizzey and Heather Hopley June 18, 2016, Crayola Crayola ‘Finding Dory’ Prize Pack: Fiona Morgan, Kasey Evans and Alex Ho June 17, 2016, Dora the Explorer ‘Dora the Explorer: It’s A Puppy Party’ DVD: Renee Ballantyne, Adele Smith and Teresa Clark June 16, 2016, LEGO Friends ‘LEGO Friends: Keepin’ It Real & Roomies’ DVD: Sam Allen-Stephens, Rebecca Biljna and Beth June 12, 2016, Adventure Lane Little Mashers Chef Set: Jodi Coyle June 10, 2016, What Could It Be? : Amanda Smyth, Nicole Larsen and Mikaela Cowan June 7, 2016, The Kid with the Amazing Head ‘The Kid with the Amazing Head’: Sarah Ellwood, Amy Johns and Belinda Moxey June 3, 2016, Hey Duggee ‘Hey Duggee: Get Well Soon’ DVD: Cheryl Anne Mc Kibbin, Anne Costello and Kori Kollmann June 2, 2016, Our Australian Girl Marly Book Pack: Eva Kiraly, Tess Howard and Monika May 31, 2016, Lamaze Lamaze Toy Pack: Richard Harrison May 28, 2016, Crayola Crayola Paw Patrol Pack: Marian Evans Verkuylen, Helen Richards and Luigi Costantino May 26, 2016, Boon Inc. 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2016, Love The Coopers Love The Coopers DVD: Natalie Murnane, Rhiannon Jakobasch and Christina Lungo March 13, 2016, Love To Dream Love To Dream Swaddle Up 50/50 Winter Warm: Sarah March 10, 2016, Jinny & Cooper ‘Jinny & Cooper: My Teacher’s Big Bad Secret’: Leveestee, Adele Smith and Abby Lee March 6, 2016, The Wiggles ‘The Wiggles: Wiggle Town’: Kylie Embury, Cassidy Logue and Renee Franklin March 1, 2016, Something Wonderful Something Wonderful: Lorraine Cormack, Judith Whiting and Scott Crumlin February 28, 2016, Stitches & Craft Brisbane double pass: Victoria Cooper Adelaide double pass: Kelly Rivett February 25, 2016, Miss You Already Miss You Already DVD: Sarah Jane Noble, Beckka Baker and Rosemary Englert February 21, 2016, Avidiva Jack n’ Jill Gift Set: Fotini Christmass February 19, 2016, The Big Fish The Big Fish: Laura Power, Charlotte Loather and Leanne Veivers February 16, 2016, Ecostore Ecostore Prize Pack: Tabatha Voss February 11, 2016, Before We Go Before We Go DVD: 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2015, Brydge Brydge Mini (Space Grey): Joanna Harrison December 3, 2015, Colorific Fairy Lites Sparkletopia Fairy Jewellery Set: Rowena Perks and Stevee-Lee Anderson Fairy Lites Sparkletopia Jewellery Cabinet Set: Melanie Fairy Lites Sparkletopia Secret Diary Set: Alex Ho and Bec D’owney December 2, 2015, Il Tutto Il Tutto Queenscliffe Beach Bag: Renee Ballantyne December 1, 2015, Leap Frog Leap Frog Epic: Krystal Davies November 28, 2015, gr8x gr8x Ella Carry All (Dove Grey): Cassy Newman November 26, 2015, Eye to Eye Eye to Eye: James Mongan, Kirsten Wallace and Candice Milner November 24, 2015, The Christmas Peg The Christmas Peg: Elly Chen, Kelly Sherwood Brown and Melanie Chaplin November 22, 2015, Hey Duggee Hey Duggee DVD: Daniel Bennett, Vanessa Mc Callum and Karina Lee November 21, 2015, Sporty Kids Sporty Kids (Tennis/Soccer): Ashleigh Emerson, Tamara Lamb and Anthea Cornish November 19, 2015, The Wiggles The Wiggles ‘Meet The Orchestra’ DVD + CD: Kristy Ferrari, Jemma Brady 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Lift the flap and play I-spy’ book: Monica Scurlock, Liz Mc Gregor and Katherine Auld September 17, 2015, Miles from Tomorrowland Miles from Tomorrowland Prize Pack: Matt Brown September 13, 2015, Kids Year An English Year: Anthea Cornish and Lin Burke A Scottish Year: Sue Perry and Sarah Gifford An Aussie Year: Rosemary and Jessica Koschade September 12, 2015, Little Lunch Little Lunch Prize Pack: Charl Lowther and Shannan Hayes September 10, 2015, Exisle Publishing The Boy Who Loved The Moon: Carly Bates September 8, 2015, Love To Dream Love To Dream 1.0 TOG Nuzzlin Sleep Bag: Rachel Kapsalakis September 6, 2015, Top Gear Top Gear Patagonia Special and Top Gear The Complete Series 22: Tom Beckitt and Julia Mason September 5, 2015, Suri’s Wall Suri’s Wall: Linda Hynson, Shannon Discombe and Karina Lee September 4, 2015, We Never Asked for Wings We Never Asked for Wings: Gillian Harridge September 3, 2015, JJ Cole Collections JJ Cole Collections ‘Linden’ Bag: Rachelle Du-Shane September 1, 2015, Stuff Happens Stuff Happens Book Pack: Christina Lungo, Deb Kennelly and Megan Papadopoulos August 30, 2015, Rabbids Invasion Rabbids Invasion: Omelette Party DVD: Elly Chen, Adele Smith and Richard Harrison August 29, 2015, The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones: Lisa Mitchell, Mary Cole and Davina Joy August 27, 2015, Wilderness Fairies Daisy’s Gift: Sue Perry, Evelyn Hubbard and Marilyn Mc Lean August 25, 2015, Tooheys Tooheys Cooking Handbook: Kell Ballinger August 22, 2015, Crayola Crayola ‘Peppa Pig’ Prize Pack: Lara Haynes, Jeanie Overgaauw, Summer Hinaki Mc Dade, Charlotte and Andreea Nicolescu August 21, 2015, Peter Rabbit Peter Rabbit: Rabbit & Squirrel Great Adventure DVD: Amy Baker, Jessica Koschade and Sarah Armstrong August 18, 2015, Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie: Teghan Lucas, Caroline Lissaman and Rachel Kapsalakis August 16, 2015, Lamaze Lamaze Toy Pack: Fiona Costantino August 15, 2015, Orly Orly Prize Pack: Jan Morris, Melanie Farrugia and Faye Hannam August 9, 2015, Fake Bake Fake Bake Prize Pack: Paula Minniti August 9, 2015, The Worm Who Knew Karate The Worm Who Knew Karate: Christine, Kalina Batchelor and Sam Minshull August 6, 2015, A Little Chaos A Little Chaos DVD: Barry Bond, Ian M and Elisabeth Martins August 4, 2015, The Man with Messy Hair The Man with Messy Hair: Brooke Parker, Abby Lee and Amanda Smyth August 2, 2015, I’m a Hungry Dinosaur I’m a Hungry Dinosaur: Claire H Simmons, Vanessa Ahern and Tennille July 31, 2015, Wonderland ‘Wonderland: Series 3’ DVD: Amy Johns, Jan Woodward Wilson and Sonia El-Sheikh Manoukian July 28, 2015, Father’s Day giveaway 0 Remington/Molton Brown Prize Pack: Juanita Torr July 25, 2015, Décor Décor Prize Pack: Helen M.Amoore, Elizabeth Davey and Renata Marchionna July 23, 2015, Love To Dream Love To Dream Denim Swaddle Up: Amy Mc Carthy July 21, 2015, Uno’s Garden Counting Book Uno’s Garden Counting Book: Carla Morris, Kasey Evans and Rebecca Haines July 19, 2015, The Secret River The Secret River DVD: Jacqueline Lee Collins, Mary Cole and Nicole Larsen July 17, 2015, Crawf’s Kick it to Nick Crawf’s Kick it to Nick book pack: Meaghan Brightwell, Kirsten Wallace and Bec Taylor July 16, 2015, Paper Planes Paper Planes DVD: Karen Power, Linda Courtney and Glenda Jordan Wort July 13, 2015, Charli Bird Little Chicks poncho: Sarah Armstrong July 11, 2015, Lah-Lah Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Let’s Put On A Show DVD: Joanne Cardamone, Jessica Ashbrooke and Shannon Discombe July 9, 2015, Colorific Bloom Pops Pack: Jessica Ashbrooke, Sarah Kuno, Kate Harvey and Olivia Palazzolo July 7, 2015, Little JJ Cole Little JJ Cole Prize Pack: Melissa Okimoto July 5, 2015, Goodness Goodness Prize Pack: Teena Lewis July 3, 2015, Mr. Huff: Kathy Clark, Tracey Ralph and Jasmine Stanford June 30, 2015, Bright Star Kids Bright Star Kids Wall Sticker Pack: Christine June 28, 2015, Thomas & Friends Thomas & Friends: Trouble on the Tracks DVD: Kathy Ferguson-Clark, Jill and Fay Whitelaw June 26, 2015, Crayola Crayola Minions Prize Pack: Teena Lewis, Lorna Monteiro, Rachel Sinclair, Liz Mc Gregor and Irena Dikadzic June 23, 2015, Safe Lace Safe Lace: Caroline Lissaman and Becky Stimson June 20, 2015, Lah-Lah Lah-Lah Live in Concert family pass: Sharon Malamatinas, Christina Lungo and Karen Edwards June 18, 2015, Sing-A-Long-A Sound of Music Double pass Saturday 27th June Arts Centre Melbourne: Emily Radojevic, Barbara Fehmel and Tessie Dimitriou June 16, 2015, Sporty Kids Sporty Kids book pack: Kelly-Anne Leddy, Mikaela Cowan and Amber Boyce June 13, 2015, Octonauts ‘Octonauts: Great Arctic Adventure’ DVD: Elisabeth Martins, Laura Ireland and Joanne Williams June 12, 2015, Inside Out Tomy Inside Out Prize Pack: Kristy Ferrari June 9, 2015, Poldark Poldark DVD Season 1: Amanda Smyth, Harriet Wynne and Judith Whiting June 6, 2015, Do You Love Dogs? : Karen Thompson, Rochelle Firth and Maria Stringer June 4, 2015, Kiss Naturals Kiss Naturals DIY kit: Christina Lungo, Caroline and Amanda Smyth June 2, 2015, The Wiggles The Wiggles: Anthony’s Fruity Feast!