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Phone number used: 51*.317.986* Name used: Jonathan April, 2012 Montréal Dangerous Threatening Client A male client using this number: 1.514.7*2.*841 is criminally harassing a male colleague of ours who is in Montréal. He repeatedly asked who the people walking around the neighbourhood are. but she shut the door allowing 1 to enter, leaving the other in the hallway. CON ARTIST & THEIF 2007 UPDATE: We have been given further information that this guy is on craigslist. Sometimes says his wife died in the car accident other times his business partner died in the accident. What Happened; Sex Pro spoke with him 3 times via phone. Called our colleague and made an appointment for the following week. Then he said her payment was in the trunk and that they both get out to get it. When SP looked though the peephole, only one man was visible. She informed him that she does not see 2 men at once. Client then threatened her and demanded the full amount back. He is also going by the alias: Nick Kent [email protected] variety con artist. Claims to do renovations or own a property management company. Cons and steals what he can if he has the opportunity. Photo of Lucas ***WARNING*** Cheap date shows up to SP's house, decideds he doesn't want to stay, after calling several times to confirm apt, ask about rates etc. Has shaggy hair to shoulders, mustache,wore Hawian shirt. The personal ad section within our Happy Hedonist site has been one of the biggest attractions for our users.Many users have had much success in making a connection with other users and even meeting in the club. Due to legal reasons, we can now only publish partial names, phone numbers or addresses of most undesirable clients. However we can publish the full information of some of them. HAIR; very clean cut, light brownish / red, thinning. He offered her 3500 for each weekend and 5000 for new clothes. RACE; White INCIDENT; He had had too much to drink, was very disrespectful, had difficulty reaching orgasm and tried to do things escort was not comfortable doing. His hygiene was questionble, talked a lot about sexual things re his wife and repeatedly asked escort for inapropriate personal info. At Church and Carlton streets, SPOC/Maggie's member was out, in her car giving sex pro's info and condoms when a Silver 4 door, possibly a Cavalier pulled up along side of her.

Late March, 2014, around lunch time Niagra Falls - Incall Our colleague had a client who had called a few times asking about her breast size. In the room he tried offering only for a quick handjob far below her set donation rate. He began verbally abusing and swearing at our colleague. Showed photos of his beaten face, then pulled out a bible. She decided that was okay, and during the five hours, took care of them in her professional capacity. However, SPOC believes that it is difficult to to insist on professional fees when there are four men and only one woman.

He claimed he will go get the rest of the money and come back. Phone number he used: 1.40*.91*.3571 August, 2012 Toronto - Incall During the date, the client was very nice. Phone number used: *47.88*.5284 Description: Tall (atleast 6ft), very thin, short dark hair & dark complexion. Says he was a labourer & visits sex workers twice a month. Said he won $ 25, 000, 000 in the Super Seven lottery. Real last name is: ***** Youssuf Birth-date: December **, 1980 THEFT, Spring A client contacted SP via email requesting several hours. At the end of the evening, they all refused to pay for her services. The other three men are all in their late 20's, and described as having Greek heritage.

15 minutes after he left, he began calling and texting our colleague leaving messages such as she “had given him AIDS". He is harassing our colleague and being aggressive and threatening toward her. July, 2012 Toronto - Outcall "Jonathan" called to book a date with our colleague, but when our colleague arrived at the address, an older woman answered the door. Then showed a $ 10 million winner number on his cell. During small talk, he claimed to be an RCMP officer. " SP asked him a few law enforcement related questions & he had no idea. While she was in the bathroom, he ransacked her purse and stoled money. No further descriptions or names are available at this time. Olsen then asked if he could be her boyfriend / slave/ boytoy etc. Jack Olsen is from Ontario, maybe Toronto or GTA area.

When our colleague phoned "Jonathan" back to inquire about the fake address, "Jonathan" began making crazy accusations toward our collegue and later that night sent her dozens of abusive text messages. Payed some of the fee in cash, the rest in cheques that bounced. Pennyfea**er Number: 416-**9-4200 Race: Black Very slim about 40 years old Mid December Did not want to leave and did not come with enough money to pay our colleague. He drove her home but when they got close to her residence, he became fidgety. Email he used: [email protected]: Karan R Client responded to Escort from craigslist Has this web address in signature from his e-mail: address does not work. Didn't answer SP's phone calls, and when reached he became abusive and told SP "you better keep your mouth shut" and then denied making threats. WHEN; NOV 20, 2004 DESCRIPTION; 2 young Black men with Caribbean accents, not more than 18 years old. July 16 / 04 Name; Olsen, ( name confirmed at hotel desk.) When: 8 pm EST Where: Toronto, Delta, Chelsea Hotel Description; White, 38 to 41 years old, about 5' 10", short hair, salt & pepper, brown eyes, clean shaven, approx 180 lbs. Olsen requested foot / leg /smothering /stocking /face sitting fetish. When Pro informed him, he was wasting her time and asked for a cancelation fee of 50 dollars Mr.

So if you are looking for the following HH Sex ads are the way to go: Swinging Couples, infidelity relationships, wife swapping, friends with benefits (FWB), girl friend experience (GFE), gang bangs, BBC, dating website. Please be aware that bad and undesirable clients are the exception, not the rule. The vast majority of clients are kind and good men. SPOC does have more information on each undesirable client. WHAT HAPPENED; Booked call for a single client, when escort arrived there were 2 of them. (There was another escort from the Niagara region in the room.) He wanted escort to have unsafe sex with him. George Michalidis Address ; 100 Gowan Ave., apt, 4** (Pape and Cosburn area). Said he owns his own company and employs about 200 people in Saint-John. There were 2 males in the front and 2 females in the back seat.