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Send private chats that can only be opened after the receiver confirms their identity via facial recognition or touch id.Never wonder again if your sensitive text messages got in the wrong hands.You can also delete your messages off their phones just in case you change your mind about them having your pic or text. Features:- Lock sensitive messages that can only be unlocked after a successful identity verification via facial recognition or touch ID.-Two way delete.Delete your messages off their phone.-Self Destructing messages.

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You don’t have to register or even login by any method.You literally just click go and that’s all there is to it.Or you could just have a computer that doesn’t handle Skype well. In fact, we’re helping you with this list of Skype Alternatives that you can use in your browser –free and easy.Vline is a browser operated online video chat application that lets you hold a video chat session for free.

Skype is probably the most popular video-chatting software out there. Now people use “video-chatting” and “Skyping” interchangeably whether they’re using Skype specifically or not.

Skype’s originally proposed name was “Sky Peer-to-Peer” which then became what we know today as Skype.