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The police start to investigate Amy's disappearance and find her video camera in a garbage can near her favorite hiding spot.The last twenty minutes are unedited footage found on the camera.As Megan seeks friends who are different from her usual posse of hangers-on, she is introduced by a friend online to a 17-year-old boy named Josh in a chat room.Megan and Josh bond quickly and Megan finds herself intrigued and attracted to him.Megan Stewart, 14, and Amy Herman, almost 14, though polar opposites in personality, are best friends.Megan carries the front of being the most popular girl in school and a straight-A student, but this masks a lifestyle of hard partying, drugs, alcohol, and indiscriminate sex.However, Amy believes otherwise and talks online with Josh to find out if he knows about Megan's fate. After seeing security footage of Megan's kidnapping, Amy tells the police about Josh and his possible involvement in Megan's disappearance, which re-sparks the investigation.

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Right before the video cuts, someone is seen about to grab her.

Josh is holding the camera and unlocks a large door in what appears to be a basement.

One day, Megan goes to meet Josh in person behind a diner, and she is never seen again.

Police investigate into her disappearance, but soon begin to give up after finding little to no leads and begin to assume she simply ran away.

Amy, unpopular and socially awkward, clings to her relationship with Megan as a lifeline to social acceptance.

Together, these two girls forge a deep friendship based on their mutual needs and regularly communicate by web chat cameras or cell phone.