Friendship on line dating

15-Oct-2016 13:41

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Several now live abroad, and plenty have moved to other parts of the UK.

I miss having girlfriends to call for a quick coffee, or to meet after work for a drink.

Some specify what they want friends for – coastal walks, or visiting museums. I keep mine fairly short, mentioning a few interests – yoga, eating out, running – and explaining my reasons for signing up.

Profile done, there’s nothing for it but to start contacting potential friends.

Swallowing my doubts – and fears of being rejected – I ‘add’ half a dozen women on each site.

I’ve resolved to be open-minded and have just two criteria for my choices: they must look friendly and we should have one shared interest.

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We already use the internet to find romantic partners. That’s all fine in theory, but I’ve not gone looking for friends since university freshers’ week and find myself gripped by the same anxieties.

By evening I’ve received a response, from a woman on Girlfriend Social who recently relocated from New York.