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In the 1951/52 U15 cricket photo supplied by Peter Smith, the umpire (extreme right, back row) is Michael “ Dixie” Dean who was, in fact, older that the rest and part of the 1946 intake. I remember Harry Mees rolling his eyes at the School Council meeting while Clive told Roy that the whole, proud school body would be disappointed if the Diamond Jubilee went by without a photograph being taken.He later became a considerable rugby referee (although I have a resentful recollection of him learning the craft in about 1957: it was OGRFC Ex B XV and my first season of rugby ever – I didn’t play at School – and I ran the length of the field to touch the ball down for my first try. And the funny thing is that--although at the time the two words that immediately came to mind were "brown" and "nose"--I'm now very glad the photo WAS taken! Just when I thought I really would go and do something useful I had to come and see if there was any mention of the Animation Society.I have several old photos of rugby teams and will attempt to scan them and send them to you if you would like them. The following has been copied from the website entry for Priestmead School. I can fill gaps as follows: Middle row, sixth from left: Mr Tyler (Head Of German) Bottom row, far left: Mr Collins (Head of Technical Drawing and Metalwork). One of my form masters was S J Robinson who had good results from me.I'll post more information as and when it becomes available. Does anyone remember him; and did he go abroad after the Second World War? Ralph Jones GAYTON TIMES I notice various extracts from the Gaytonian.Dixie, from 60 yards away, disallowed the try because he thought I might not have grounded it correctly! The masters are (R – L) Bomford, Stevens and Lane. Not found any reference yet but there's still a lot of this site to explore. While we're on the topic of less official entertaiments, has anybody got any material on the Christmas Ents...Stevens’s other love, besides cricket, was bridge and I believe he was a strong player. Chiarascuro..variation of the famous advert.."You're never alone with a Strand" The attic beckons.1962 and earlier reunion - from 17.30 to 21.00, at the school. But there was also the pupil produced "Gayton Times" produced intermittently through the '50s I think the prime mover was Geoff Spring. Just recently found this site - Going through the entries brings back all sorts of memories - mostly I remember enjoying myself at HCSB, though I do recall that I worked through fear of what would happen to me if I didn't!! ' (come on - guess who) To Paul Romney; yeth I agree wis you.

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Sadly my wife died in 1970, but quite by chance I was lucky enough to meet the second love of my life in 1973. Thanks to all who contribute and Jeff for setting the thing up and running it.

We were married in 1974 and have lived happily ever after!! I have one son and happily inherited two step daughters and one stepson. I'll be back for more stories of Ubi, Sparge, Swannie, Lefty Wright, Square, the prefects strike when Cowan joined the School, CCF camps etc, the time we set the school on fire on the last day of term, potassium permangate in the swimming pool. Its amazing what can stimulate the old grey cells to reconnect! John Parker Romsey Hampshire England [email protected] seen the Common Room Photo of 1966.

I was taught by Beeky Fooks, and had the pleasure of visiting him in his home on several occasions. So where are Dick Thwaites, Steve Grimes, Bruce King, Brian Payne, Puff Bayliss etc etc.

my chief interests at school seem to have been athletics and Rugby with a little cricket thrown in. I remained with the company....through various mergers... Eskimo, Findus, Union International and finally Nestle , until my retirement......apart from 6 years' war service in the Navy. I've found Roland Tebbenham with whom I used to sell tickets for the school plays when I wasn't on stage dropping 14 foot book flats.

He restarted the School Chess Club in 1948, not because he was much of a player but because he thought a school of our standing ought to play chess. Sadly, he died in harness and it was not until decades later that I discovered that he took his own life. I was at Harrow County School from 1917 or 1918 until 1925. Jack Powell was my great friend and a fellow athlete. John Parker Romsey Hampshire England [email protected] a find. Any ex-members of the CCF Signals Platoon out there?

He won the Championship and I won the Victor Ludorum in about 1923 or 1924. I didn't know this website existed until this evening. Break and lunch tine in the Signals Hut and, if you were ever so careful, you could skive off games there too.