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As a Celtic symbol meaning, the Frog was deemed lord over all the earth, and the Celts believed it represented curative or healing powers because of its connection with water and cleansing rains.We see animal symbolism of transition with the frog in its unique growth cycle.The frog undergoes incredible transformations to reach the destination of full adulthood, and so do we as humans.The WAV collection has been online for more than 15 years and is one of the main draws to this web site.I want to make it clear that I do not own the copyright to these files and offer them here for entertainment purposes with no warranties or lrgal rights.I remove any at the request of lawyers or anyone of appropriate authority.I do not take requests, although I have learned that saying this will in no way lessen to number of people sending me request messages.This is largely because these cultures observed Frogs laying enormous quantities of eggs, therefore making it a fertility symbol as well as a symbol of abundance.

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The frog understands what it is like to undergo some serious growing pains – and so it is a fantastic animal totem for teenagers as they sometimes struggle to find their place (in-betwix youth and adulthood) in society.

In many cultures the primary symbolic meaning of frogs deals with fertility.

WAV (pronounced “wave”) files are the standard audio format for Windows system warning sounds.

You should be able to hear these files without any additional software, although every browser treats them differently.

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Frog Meanings and Symbolism When the frog jumps into your life it may indicate now is a time to find opportunities in transition. Weve just moved house and there was a frog appeared in the back garden before wingman put the pond in lol.before he'd even finished making the pond there was another frog in the pond right in front of Buddha!