Fsx logbook not updating

22-Mar-2015 18:34

Therefore we provide a smaller update package (ZIP), which just needs to be extracted to the main FSFK folder.

This article is the second in my series on transitioning from Classic to Steam Editions of FSX and we will be covering the renewal and restoration of our beloved simulator.

As in the previous article, I will assume throughout this article that you are an administrator on your PC and that revealing hidden folders and extensions has already been enabled. Ok so you are logged back into your PC, it’s now time to launch Steam (If you are new to Steam, to check out this great article by Aimee which explains how to install Steam and FSX: Steam Edition). You feel the excitement of being reunited with virtual skies building and the big blue Install button is awaiting your click.

Beyond this though it will also serve as a valuable resource for anyone who has uninstalled their FSX: SE and is about to reinstall it.I will be covering some of the quirks that have come about because of the way in which Steam manages DLC content.When choosing the installation directory, I recommend one thing: consider your PC and how easy it is to find where it installs.Personally I use a dedicated drive purely for FSX: SE and its associated add-ons.

This is a course of action that if you have it available I highly recommend it for the following reasons: As an example, my FSX: SE will be reinstalled into my D:\ and told Steam to create a new Library STEAMFLIGHT (the rest of the folders get created automatically as it installs) I am not saying you have to do this, but if you have the option it is a wise choice.

(I labelled my D:\ “Flight”) Moving on, FSX: SE will now install its 10+GB self onto your PC, so grab your preferred beverage and relax as it downloads (if I could put elevator music in here I would).