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Biting the inside of her cheek, Marinette glanced his way.

He was hunched over a thick encyclopedia, elbows on the pages as he held his chin in his hands. “Um…” she flicked her eyes between him and her book. ”He looked her way immediately, appearing moderately surprised.

They had to have three textual sources, which was, naturally, the biggest pain.

But Marinette wasn’t the type to waste time when she had it (being Ladybug tended to interfere with everything, so she used her available time wisely) and, apparently, neither was Adrien. She’d also been reading the same paragraph for five minutes.

It’s information that shocks Chat, and sends all sorts of revelations careening into his brain. Not that she was complaining about generally being Alya’s partner, but they didn’t always get to pick.When it came to random partnerships, she usually had to sit by and watch as Chloe somehow—magically—ended up with Adrien. It would appear that when it came to such things, she simply didn’t have the high chances that Ladybug should. This time, she was sitting in the library beside Adrien, a stupid grin on her face as she pretended to focus on the books they’d pulled for their research project.

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