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30-Mar-2016 14:21

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Goldie Hawn is giving us “ Brad Pitt has been laying low ever since St.Angie Jolie caused the definition of marriage to crumble into a billion pieces when she filed for divorce.Die-hard superhero fans don’t exactly adapt very well when you try to change their things, so of course they lost their damn minds when Zendaya – not a redheaded white girl – was cast as Mary Jane opposite Tom Holland. Continue reading As the KKK raised their torches of victory over their candidate of choice winning, and Chris Christie, the Le Fou to Trump’s Gaston, pushed a wheelbarrow full of bricks to the American/Mexican border to begin building that wall, Hillary Clinton officially threw in the towel while wearing one of her favorite funeral goin’ pantsuits.

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is really standing by the writer who claims she was attacked by our next president – Celebitchy Kylie Jenner got done up like a slutty BP oil spill for a picture – Drunken Stepfather I want to live in this picture of Mickey Rourke and his moose knuckle – The Superficial Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield continue their real and not-at-all scripted feud about their houses – Reality Tea Those Japanese potatoes keep doing their thing, because it looks like Olivia Munn’s face has changed again – Popoholic Anna Kendrick looks slightly constipated in – Hollywood Tuna Max Landis is set to butcher one of his dad’s movies – Pajiba The new definition of candid IS the paps just randomly catching a shirtless Tyler Posey talking on the phone – OMG Blog File under ““: a pic of BETTY FUCKING WHITE!– SOW These pictures of Audrina Patridge’s wedding are incomplete without Mama Ceiling Eyes – Popsugar Panty Creamer of the Day: A topless Joel Mc Hale in a Sharpie bra – Just Jared Pic: Splash In these confusing and scary times, at least there’s one constant we can count on and that’s Goldie Hawn continuing to not give one tiny sliver of a fuck by visiting the construction site of her new L. house with no bra, capri leggings and a fanny pack.I figured that he’d spend the next few weeks holed up in his bachelor mansion where he’d suck on cigars and play cards with Jacques Jolie-Pitt on a table made from the empty pizza boxes they’ve been collecting ever since they moved in.But on Monday, Brad hosted a private screening in L. of ” on it and asked him if he wanted to wear it for the pics.

But she picked it up, got herself together, quickly re-worked her victory speech into an And that’s what the back of his head looks like.

Judging by that teaser shot, Johnny Depp’s character is someone who might show up on an search made by Macklemore.