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15-Mar-2015 15:36

I was the only person who wasn't allowed to have a friend on the bus, so me and my best friend had to drive behind in a car, while all the bandmembers' girlfriends were staying there." Schwartz also contends that she's yet to speak with her former bandmates about being replaced, that Cobra Starship continue to write songs and rehearse on equipment that she paid for and that the whole situation has left her disappointed and "deeply saddened." Not surprisingly, Saporta was itching to respond to all this, detailing a long — and incredibly detailed — list of beefs he and the rest of the Starship had with their former keytarist, starting with her decision to leak his statement to the 'Net in the first place.

"We wrote that statement as a way of announcing that she had left the band, and we sent it to her to take a look at it, and change around whatever she wanted," he said.

"The keytar is an integral part if Cobra Starship — and we definitely want to always have one in the band," he said. I've definitely questioned my dedication to the keytar." Let's get everyone up to speed on just what "stuff" Saporta is referring to.

Early Thursday morning, a statement by Saporta — and a lengthy response from Schwartz — began to make the rounds on the Internet.

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In the statement, Saporta announced that Schwartz was leaving the band "to focus once again on her solo career," calling her "amazingly talented" and thanking her for rocking the keytar "every night" for the band.

Of course, Schwartz saw things a little differently, writing that she didn't leave the band of her own volition, but rather that she was "replaced," and that during her time in Cobra Starship she was subjected to constant verbal abuse and treated like an outsider.