Gabriel aubry dating kim kardashian

02-Jul-2015 04:43

likely the cumulative effect of repeated exposure to numerous gentle bleaching treatments."The judge ruled neither Halle nor Gabriel could mess with Nahla's hair, and based on pics of Nahla and Gabriel from this week ... reported earlier that Berry was back in court because she believes that model Gabriel Aubry bleached and used chemical straighteners in their daughter Nahla’s hair to make her appear more white, according to . According to court records, Halle is also concerned that the chemicals could potentially damage the young child’s hair.With the slew of news article about Halle Berry in the media lately, and her ongoing public fights with Gabriel in court, fans have stamped Berry with the “crazy” label.For the past several years, since the birth of her child, fans have noticed a continuous change in Halle’s personality from a once vibrant, happy, smiling, and beautiful actress to a bitter middle-aged actress who wears a constant look of disdain on her face, mixed with a bit of sadness at times.Halle submitted documents to the court from Microtrace, a forensic consulting lab.

Halle hauled Gabriel into court, claiming he was straightening and lightening her hair to make her appear white.

Some attribute the stress of family life at her age to her emotional state.

A judge ruled last week that both Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry should leave Nahla’s hair alone.

Gabriel Aubry has denied using any type of chemical in the girl’s hair, stating that the bleaching happened naturally from being out in the sun, and that her hair was straightened with a blow out technique, using a hair dryer.

But records submitted to court recently contain a statement from Microtrace lab, where they say the hairs extracted from Nahla’s hair brush have undergone chemical treatment.

The lab also reported “extensive” damage to the hair.