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12-Mar-2015 14:59

When asked about the car, she downplays the extravagance, saying: “It’s an old Bentley.” Besides, she says, she prefers her Lexus wagon.

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“I didn’t get a ring when I became engaged,” she says. I bought a smaller one when I first started [the show].This money is not spent on the dressing room, which looks like a suite at a Holiday Inn. And there’s a sitting area with nondescript furniture where, between cases, Sheindlin, 70, plays hands of gin rummy to keep her energy up. In April, she extended her contract through 2017, adding an additional two years and million. While most other courtroom shows on television—such as held firm.“My maternal grandmother taught me to play,” she says, barely looking up as she shuffles. She is the highest-paid person in daytime television. The program finally won a Daytime Emmy this year, after 14 consecutive losses. “I haven’t gone for years,” Sheindlin says, smiling. has made Sheindlin a very wealthy woman, with a family spread in Wyoming and homes in Los Angeles and Naples, Florida, not to mention a 20,000-square-foot colossus in Greenwich, Connecticut—complete with eight bedrooms and 10 marble fireplaces.Jimmy Kimmel, in a recurring segment called “Lie Witness News,” announced that President Obama had just appointed Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.

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One viewer apparently agreed with Obama, lovingly describing Judge Judy as “gangsta.” Sheindlin got a kick out of the segment and called Kimmel herself to say so.My husband said, ‘Really, you need a bigger one.’ He bought it for me for a birthday.” Twice a month, Judy Sheindlin travels to Los Angeles for two to three days of filming. (The cases cannot exceed ,000.) Nothing is scripted. At this point, she says, “It’s second nature.” I am about to find this out for myself.