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11-May-2015 11:53

At first glance, Goodman seemed an exceptionally good guy to date.

And if his endearing personality wasn’t enough, Goodman also had the gift of the gab, peppering his words with the most random, ridiculously funny things that left Anthony in stitches. With an almost perpetual smile on his face, Anthony was easily prone to anything from quiet giggles to loud guffaws.

Goodman worked as an educator and a queer activist, professions that Anthony held in very high regard.

With tired gray eyes, a scruffy beard, and a handsome face, Anthony felt that Goodman fell right into the “dorky cute” category.

Anthony was a little taken aback by the public display of affection—as a naturally shy guy, kissing in public made him feel “dirty,” in a strange, unexplained way.

But with Goodman, Anthony was surprised at how natural and easy it felt.

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Goodman may have been easy on the eyes—but Anthony wasn’t too bad either.While the good looks came in handy in his career as a theater actor with a flair for music and dance, Anthony also had a day job as a paralegal at a law firm.