Gfe dating tennessee

10-Jul-2016 22:03

I always dress accordingly: sexy underneath, and classy but discreetly on the outside.I enjoy meeting new and interesting people for intelligent conversation and for romantic interludes.I am an avid reader and I stay up to date on politics and the world news.Words used to describe me are intelligent, thoughtful, gorgeous, articulate and witty. No need to fear of ever being exposed and our time together will always remain our secret.If you are seeking someone "sleazy" to spend some time with, then we are not a match.

I have neither body piercing’s or tattoos nor do I smoke or participate in any drugs of any kind.

I am a lover, and a romantic by heart, always bursting with passion.

I have a slim to athletic build, long natural curly red hair and mesmerizing blue bedroom eyes.

I always present myself as a lady and I expect to be treated as one.

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I thrive on having fun and I am naturally cheerful.

I am very confident that I will be able to help you relieve your stress and exhaustion of both your mind and body resulting in you feeling invigorated and addicted to your newfound pastime. I pride myself as being a certified yoga instructor which greatly helps me deliver the most amazing NURU possible.